Fabulous Lake Eyre Flight and Video

Lake Eyre flightI’m having a bit of Lake Eyre over kill right now.

That’s because another friend has just come back from the lake.

She stayed at Marree (which she thought was a really creepy place!), and took a Lake Eyre scenic flight from the airstrip there.

I guess the difference to the flight that we did is that you’d fly up from the south and right over the Lake South. I think some flights go over Marree Man (or what’s left of him!).

Anyway, I was looking at Lake Eyre clips on You Tube and found this short clip from Channel 10 that someone had posted.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about for Lake Eyre, then take a look that this clip:

Seeing that makes me want to go back down there before all the water evaporates. I’d love to do another flight over Lake Eyre again.

This time, I’d take only video. Oh well….


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